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Shani’s Farm
What is a CSA?
Community Shared Agriculture is a way for farmers and consumers to connect through the weekly delivery of fresh, organic food baskets by the farmer directly to the consumer. There are 100’s of CSA’s in Nova Scotia alone. By paying for their produce or meat share at the beginning of the season, share holders help provide the farmer with the initial capital to purchase seed and supplies. By enjoying the CSA we offer you help support your local farmer, help preserve and enrich farmland and reduce our ecological footprint on the earth.
What is a  meat share?
A Meat CSA with Shani's Farm can run from 3 months up to one year.  The value is a minimal of 60.00 per month and can be increased to meet your family's requirements.  This share is delivered Monthly.  To Sign Up for our Meat CSA please click on the Sign Up link at the top right.
Your Meat share consists of grass fed Lamb, Berkshire Pork , Local Beef and Poultry that is born and raised on our farm. Beef is from a neighboring farm.