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About Shani's Farm
We are a relatively new family operation, with several years experience.
We have owned our farm since 2001, we have always loved animals, taking care of our way we live and environment by consuming natural healthy products.
Our belief is to help promote a better way of life on and around the farm by natural growth for all our livestock and gardens. 
The food we eat should not have to travel for thousands of miles for us to consume, we need to reduce our reliance on foreign produced foods. Most of what we pay for food that is shipped is for transportation. The flavor is lost in the aging, packaging and preservatives that are added to keep the produce looking fresh.
Organic and Local products are fresh : no chemicals added for pest or weed controls, the seeds to grow our produce do not have any growth hormone added to the casings.
Shani's Farm offers free range poultry (chicken, Duck, eggs and turkey), Pork, Lamb and local Beef.
We raise heritage breed animals, Berkshire swine, Jacob sheep, along with cross bred meat sheep, various heritage poultry, and Straight Egyptian Arabian horses. All fed chemical free feed along with natural pasture grasses.
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